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Pastry Choices For Work Meetings That Will Shine Instead Of Fizzle

Organising work meetings can raise the stress levels of even the most-seasoned organiser. When it comes to food choices, it is important to set a professional tone while meeting the dietary needs of each person attending. Pastries are a wonderful sweet treat that appeals to many meeting goers, but before you automatically order your usual selections from the local bakery, consider making a couple of small changes to enhance your meeting's effectiveness.

Blueberries Are Brain Food

The top of the pastry list must be one containing blueberries. Whether you opt for blueberry muffins or blueberry pastries, these delicious little berries are brain food for your attendees. Blueberries contain gallic acid which is a very powerful antioxidant. Regular consumption of blueberries will help to protect the brain cells as well as lowering the levels of brain stress. By serving blueberry danishes at your meeting, you are playing a part in the long-term mental health of the attendees.

Say Yes To Dark Chocolate

Next time you are told a pan au chocolat is bad for your waistline, make sure you point out its positive brain benefits as a counter-argument. Dark chocolate not processed to the extent of those on a supermarket shelf is both a great antioxidant and also full of anti-inflammatory properties.

Dark chocolate that is at least 70% cacao can help to increase the blood flow rate through the heart and the brain. Active blood flow delivers both oxygen and glucose to your brain, which are both ingredients needed to keep the brain active and alert. Therefore, including some pan au chocolat in your pastry order again means you are positively stimulating the brains of your attendees.

Say No To Custard

Custard filled pastries like custard squares are a delectable treat, but they also make a mess. One big bite into a custard-filled pastry could have your meeting attendee wandering out of the meeting in search of a bathroom to wash themselves clean. This type of distraction is one to avoid when you want to ensure all attention remains focused. Leave the soft filling pastries off the order list.

Your local bakery has a broad range of pastry delights that can be used to make your meeting a success while you continue to capture the attention of those in attendance. Talk to your baker about the type of impact you want to make and take heart that they know their stuff when it comes to making the right pastry choices for your next office meeting.