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How to Simplify Your Catering When You Don't Know Who's Coming to Your Event

Planning the catering for any large event is a tall order, but when it's something that's open to the public, there are a few extra difficulties to take care of. When you're not sure how many people are attending, or what they can and can't eat, it's tempting to order or prepare a huge selection of dishes and far too many of them. But that just means more work and exp

5 Ways a Weekly Monday Catered Lunch Helps Your Business

Lunchtime isn't what it used to be. People are increasingly working through their lunch breaks, grabbing whatever food they can and munching absent-mindedly as they rush to finish their tasks. Even when people do leave their desks to go and eat something in peace, they don't always go back to work feeling as refreshed as they should. As an employer, lunch breaks are y

Pros and Cons of Offering Delivery Services in Your Chinese Restaurant

If you run a Chinese restaurant, you might currently be deciding whether or not you want to offer delivery. This is something many Chinese restaurants do offer, but it is definitely not mandatory. Here are some pros and cons of having delivery services to help you decide if it is the right choice. Pro: You Can Increase Business Potential One of the main benefits of of

How to Drink More Water

Are you aware that drinking more water is a good idea, but struggling to find the motivation to do so? Whether it's due to forgetfulness, a busy lifestyle, or disliking the taste of water, you're missing out on loads of great benefits. Drinking more water can lead to clearer skin, better organ function, increased productivity and could even help you to lose weight. Re

Pastry Choices For Work Meetings That Will Shine Instead Of Fizzle

Organising work meetings can raise the stress levels of even the most-seasoned organiser. When it comes to food choices, it is important to set a professional tone while meeting the dietary needs of each person attending. Pastries are a wonderful sweet treat that appeals to many meeting goers, but before you automatically order your usual selections from the local bak