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How to Drink More Water

Are you aware that drinking more water is a good idea, but struggling to find the motivation to do so? Whether it's due to forgetfulness, a busy lifestyle, or disliking the taste of water, you're missing out on loads of great benefits. Drinking more water can lead to clearer skin, better organ function, increased productivity and could even help you to lose weight. Read on for a fool-proof guide to ensuring that you stay hydrated at all times.

Decide why you want to drink more water

Setting up intentions is a key part of building new habits. Just having a vague idea that you'd like to drink more water isn't good enough. Write down a list of at least three concrete reasons you'd like to make more of an effort, and pin it somewhere you'll see daily. An example list might be: to concentrate better at work, to feel less dehydrated while exercising, and to reduce spots or acne.

Set up reminders

Drinking water immediately after waking up is a great way to start your day, and helps combat the dehydration you experience while sleeping. It also helps set the tone for drinking plenty of water during the rest of the day. Setting a phone alarm with a message reminding you to drink water is perfect at this time. If you struggle to remember to drink at lunch and dinner time, you could set up further reminders.

If you don't want to be bombarded by alarms, then strategic post-it notes could do the trick. Paste one on your desk at work to remind you to take regular trips to the water cooler, and one on your fridge or dining table to remind you to have a glass with every meal.

Make your water taste better

Bad tasting water isn't going to motivate anyone to drink more, and you might find that the water from your taps just isn't cutting it. An under-sink water filter connects to your original plumbing, and provides you with clean, pure water, straight from the tap. This makes it really easy to keep up the habit, as you won't need to remember to buy filtered drinking water at the store. Unlike water filtering jugs, there won't be any space taken up on your counter - the filter is kept out of the way under your sink. With delicious water available 24/7, straight from your taps, it will be hard to justify reaching for a soda!